Making you Awesome

What's more awesome than giving and receiving the best possible gifts? You know the feeling where the world just rushes away after you have received the perfect gift? Or how about that great feeling when you have given the best possible gift? When you see the joy light up in the other person's face. Awesome.

wRapt! is in open beta, meaning it is free to download and use. It also means we are keen to hear your feedback so we can make wRapt! better for you.


Gifting is SocialTM

Why do we give? Why do we receive? Gifting is socialTM. We are social creatures and as such we love to come together for birthdays, Christmas, anything really. wRapt! is built on that social fabric to help you share the gifts you really want and take the hassle out of finding gifts for others. Whilst out and about or online you can capture the items you really like and share that camera, hat, scooter, etc. through wRapt!, Facebook, and Twitter. On the flipside wRapt! can help you find the perfect gift, helping you find where to buy that gift, and taking the guess work, time and effort out of gift giving.


Not the Same Ol’ Duck

Unlike our beloved mascot Theo the Duck, most of you certainly wouldn't like to receive crocheted ducks birthday after birthday. In order to make sure you get what you really want you need to share the things you desire with your friends and family. wRapt! makes it easy for you to capture, tag, and share the gifts you actually want. wRapt! also makes it easy for others to find the gifts you really want instead of the same ol' duck.


Find the Perfect Gift

You give gifts to see the joy in another person's face right? Well, let wRapt! help you absolutely nail that gift giving joy. Not only that; wRapt! can help you to find where to buy that gift, in the real world around you or on the internet. Finding gifts is simple find the gifts listed by your family and friends and wRapt! can show you where to buy those gifts and the best buy, whether that is the one closest to you for convenience or the best price. Awesome.

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